Monday, February 16, 2009

Experiments of Google Adsense

(Korean version of this posting)
I have experiment of Google Adsense by storing a couple of words or a phrase in gmail. You can simply do same thing using gmail without complex applying Adsense account.

First I type in "John Maeda" who is my mentor as well as evangelist of Simplicity. You can find "Financial Simplicity" as recommeneded advertisement.
(I have no idea about the other Ads.)

Second I typed in "I don't want to go the office in recent days. It's boring.", which is my personal eager in recenlty. ^^ Then I got an answer from the God of Adsense as below. It looks like Google Adsense is really interpreting the e-mail contents.

Last, I typed in "I want to be rich". Google said "Wanna be a Millionaire. Then you should start a business now".
So funny.

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